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Your corporate career is going well. You love the money, status, brand, your colleagues, and the potential. You have high hopes.

Then, you get (another) promotion, and you think it's going to be everything you were working for and more, but suprisingly it's not.

It's a peek behind the curtain that you didn't want to see, leadership that wasn't quite as inspiring up close, clients that feel a little more comfortable revealing their true colors now that you're the boss, employees that seem a little whinier and more dysfunctional. WTF?

But you were all-in and (probably) the primary breadwinner. You were on your way.

Then, you got pregnant, had a baby, or felt a tug towards home for some reason. You realized there is more to life than work, but what do you do with that information?

You've heard that it's a new world, that it's a better time than ever to start a business, but do you have what it takes? Is entrepreneurship viable for families? Will it pay off for you?

Maybe you Google a bunch of stuff, get overwhelmed, and back off the idea of change for a bit.

Perhaps you wait it out until something forces your hand: another pregnancy, getting passed over for a promotion, the threat of getting downsized. It could even be a pandemic.

Now, there's a sense of urgency, but what do you do first? How can you ensure success or know how to proceed? How do you take what you know, the expertise that you've built, and leverage it in a new direction? How do you play to win when you don't even understand the rules of the game?

Now what?

Start here.

Start with this course. It's comprehensive. It's the mindset, strategy, and steps that you need to know to go from I have no idea to I have a plan that works.

It's more than just how to build a business; it's how to shift gears and step into a more powerful version of yourself. It's how to become who you need to be to live the life you want to live.

It's not just what you need to know; it's what you need to do to start, build traction, and create momentum to succeed at every stage.

I've been there, Mama. When I left Corporate America, I was directing a billion-dollar-account with three children under three-years-old.

It's not easy to build a business and create something out of nothing, but it doesn't have to be intimidating or impossible. It can happen quicker than you'd think - so much quicker, so much easier, so much better.

Entrepreneurial School for Moms is smart, intuitive, and succinct. It's the essentials - the foundational stuff - without hype, extraneous information, or distractions. Do you want to get there fast? I did too. I had to find my way, but you don't have to.

Inside, you'll find a plan, a transition, a transformation, and a way forward that will work for you. It's already mapped out.

Look, if you were successful in corporate, you can crush it in the entrepreneurial world.

Yes, you've got to do some things differently. It will require a more creative, decisive, visionary you. But it will be so much better than you can imagine, so much more collaborative, kinder, less competitive, less political, fairer, and definitely more female.

You'll make friendships with other incredible women who are making the world a better place, make more money than corporate ever promised, and live with such freedom and happiness that it will blow your mind.

You'll see how attainable ideas, insights, and communities are, and you'll find your groove, showcase your talents, and explode your potential. There's no one to hold you back.

Entrepreneurship is a chance to do what you are meant to do, create a lifestyle that serves your family, and make an impact. You'll wonder why you didn't make the leap sooner.

Love your life, love your biz, love your family, enjoy your lifestyle, and do the things that light you up.

Get in here. It's so good! Set your future in motion right now.

And for the next 20 women who sign up, it's $400 off. Whaaaaat? Now is your chance. See you inside.

you got this, mama. You were made for this. take what you know, leverage it, and turn it into a successful business today.

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